Windows commands every power user should know about

Windows commands every power user should know about

Who is a power user? According to Google:

Power user: a knowledgeable and sophisticated user of computers.

If you consider yourself a sophisticated computer user, then you should know the following Windows commands:

  • Device Manager: devmgmt.msc
  • Disk Management: diskmgmg.msc
  • Certificates Current User: certmgr.msc
  • Services: services.msc
  • MMC Console: mmc
  • Programs and Features: appwiz.cpl
  • Network Connections: ncpa.cpl
  • Sign out: logoff
  • Shutdown: shutdown /s /t 0
  • Restart: shutdown /r /t 0
  • Paint: mspaint
  • Calculator: calc
  • About Windows: winver
  • File Explorer: explorer
  • Task Manager: taskmgr
  • Remote Desktop Connection: mstsc

So, you won’t have to click through dozens of windows again to open the Network Connections dialog. Hit Win+R and type ncpa.cpl. And your done.

You want the old Programs and Features back, but Windows 10 is showing you the new UWP style feature-less unfinished App & features window? You don’t even find the Control panel anymore? Don’t worry. Run appwiz.cpl. Here you go. Thank me later.

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